Friday, December 12, 2008

Tale of the Underemployed and Christmas

So I work part time. I make as much as I did working fully time. Getting my big unusable degree just as the economy was slipping into a bog has left me with too much free time on my hands.

Tuesday at 11:00 I was in my new Christmas pjs. If I'm going to wear pjs all day they may as well be somewhat presentable. I decided to put together the 5' tall Santa stocking hanger thingy that my stepmom gave me. It's cute enough I suppose, I just always seem to end up with different screws, some missing, others too big, and the whole thing is as wobbly as the last thing I built (but can't remember because I probably ended up taking it apart and burning it. No, wait! I did assemble a bike this summer! What do I need a man for???? The tire fell off a month later and the steering wheel kept loosening and twisted up. But I did it!

So this is Santa:
And this is the pole his giant head is screwed into:

And this is the finished product with stockings. Except the one for my middle child. It's not here. I guess she doesn't get anything.

So this is what I do with my degree everyone! Well worth the money! And today I'm in my pjs drinking coffee, writing this, and making cinnamon rolls! This isn't so bad. If it wasn't for those student loans I could do this for a while.