Saturday, February 28, 2009

Better than Christmas

I was planning on going out today to Mardi Gras and all that, dancing the night away with friends. But I have a clinger cold and still feel like my throat has been sewn mostly shut. I hate being in a noisy bar and trying to talk to people when I have no voice.
So I am home alone.
And the girls are gone.
Guess what this means! I get to throw away whatever I want!!!!!

I've been through the living room and kitchen already and I've already found:

--Twenty seven pieces of paper with a small doodle of something in one corner or a random word. As fun as these are to try to decipher, I don't REALLY NEED them. I'm sure 3 weeks from now one of the girls will come to me and say "Mom, where's that picture I drew of a chicken with skis for feet and the word Lassie written under it?" and then they will cry brokenhearted tears when I lie and say "I don't know."
--three used matches, two kleenexes and a rubber rhino
--an m & m in the couch, a dead pen, a christmas box with wax in it, and three dead batteries
--4 pieces of homework that never made it to school
--enough pieces of yarn in varying lengths to have actually made a sweater
--the Thanksgiving singing turkey Grandpa "gave" to the girls because it annoyed him
--four earrings that don't match each other and one back
--a jelly bean (Hey Haley, I'm saving it for you.)
--my morning coffee that I misplaced last week sometime
--3 pairs of socks, but they don't look dirty
--my computer desk!
--a used bath towel under the couch cushions
--2 sweatshirts behind a chair
--empty eyeliner
--a tiny black spring, another big spring that looks like it might be a part of the couch
--two dry markers
--a cup full of frosting and a spoon in the downstairs bathroom under the sink
--a half empty container of bandaid wrappers, but no bandaids
--a school picture of someone who doesn't look like one of my kids
--a butter knife in the entertainment center
--a battery cover for something unknown
--an apple core that you don't want me to tell you about.

What's really really sad about this day: I am having a great time! This is better than Christmas!!!

"Pstttttttt, you might want to come home early girls. I'm heading upstairs next."