Monday, April 6, 2009

Will taking the whole Box of DayQuil Work?

I caught the deadly cold that was passed around weeks ago. I'm so sick that I even told my BF to stay away. Well, first I asked him to come nurse me back to health and then I told him I'd even buy him a cute little nurse outfit to wear and then the image of him in a white miniskirt and fishnet stalkings was too much and I just felt ill again and thought that he should probably just stay as far away from me as possible.

I've fallen asleep sitting here three times already while writing this. More than is normal for even me. I know where this illness leads to. Here's a picture of my youngest child one week after onset:

Yes, I am slowly turning into a zombie vampire. That would explain all the weird dreams that I keep having on DayQuil.

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Renee said...

yikes I would be concerned if that is what you will turn into...isn't there shots for this kind of thing yet?? get better soon;0)