Monday, May 25, 2009

Facebook . . . It's OFFICIAL . . . The puppet wins!

As of today Sun Ny has more friends on Facebook than I do. She now has 42 friends. A puppet is now officially more popular than I am.

Three weeks ago I took some pictures of me, Abrah, and Sun Ny. I posted them on Facebook and tagged Sun Ny in them. Then I decided she needed her own Facebook page because she had become a real . . . puppet. It's an experiment to see:

  • How many people will unquestioningly friend a puppet they don't know.

  • How long Facebook will let a puppet have a page.

  • What happens when a puppet has a bigger IQ than YOU do.

  • If anyone is interested in a puppet.

  • What happens when a puppet sends YOU a flirt, a kiss, or a hug.

  • If anyone will wonder why a puppet is asking them to go ride bikes.

  • If a puppet can have more friends than I do.

42 people have now friended Sun Ny, making her more popular than me. Which makes me a . . . complete LOSER. OMG, why did I do this??? Now I'm jealous of a puppet! Where's that stupid puppet?

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