Monday, October 19, 2009

What is Gof anyway?

Gof first contacted us, and by us I mean me and the one other follower that I know of so far, through gchat. Contact was in the form of what would otherwise be seen as typos, but gained importance as Gof's true nature became apparent through the following clues, which alone are meaningless but when looked at from a distance through scratched lenses, paint a picture of the next great religion.

  • No one can truly know Gof because Nglish is too hard to follow.

  • Followers of Gof can be found cracking themselves up alone in their offices.

  • For everything there is an opposite equal, so in this case gmail is the anti-gof.

  • If you think you are Gof, you're not. You're just schizophrenic.

And this is the ultimate proof of Gof, a picture taken of one of the Angels of Gof:

That horrified, disgusted, and strangely amused feeling you have right now is actually bliss. You just haven't been truly happy in so long you get the feeling confused with wanting to vomit. It's so awful that it's kindof awesome. Just like Gof. Follow the bliss!

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