Friday, October 2, 2009

New Age Parenting Has Created Teenage Idiocy

Teenagers are entirely different in this generation. I know every . . . ahem . . . older generation says that. But I really think a major shift has occured after the new-agey bullshit crap of the nineties. We were told to never yell, never spank, never take control and instead just have conversations with our children and let them make their own choices and learn from the "natural consequences" of their actions. If your kids hate you, then you're a BAD PARENT. Be their friend or they won't come back for Christmas when they're older.

So we have created our own NATURAL CONSEQUENCE which can be seen everyday in small interactions with the new set of fledgling teenagers.

For example:

A barely 13 year old boy thinks he can debate with me about whether or not he should be allowed to date my daughter. Which he's not. In my generation, no child would have ever imagined calling, texting, or emailing an adult to argue anything EVER!

Part of me wants to give him my reasons for not allowing continued communication with my daughter, but I find that debating with a 13 year old little boy to be, well, RIDICULOUS. At 13 he does not have the capacity or ability or language or life experience to understand what I would have to say, even IF I cared to tell him. It seems that children now think they are equals to us and have the right to share their opinions. Humph. His opinion seems to be that It's Not Fair!

Maybe I'm just not SCARY enough. I have yelled at him in front of a crowd of teenagers at the movie theater. I have thrown my daughter into my car when I find her walking down the road with him. I have given him the STINK EYE. I have talked about placentas and played country music in my car. How much scarier can I get? In my day (here I am sounding old again) adults were scary because they were ADULTS. That's all it took for them to maintain authority. There's no authority now.

And no grasp of the English language either.

All of this texting and email and chatting online is turning proper English into some kind of shorthand gibberish that everyone makes up differently. Did the tower of Babel story in the Old Testament say anything about computers or cellphones? Fledgling teenagers in middleschool have gone past the boundaries of anything decipherable and are now making up words.

For Example:

"do you think im a pesation or somthing cus every time she gets in troble you take me away and thats not fair to me cus i didnt do anything."

Now seeing as I spend some time on the internet and I can now text fairly well without spelling errors that turn boxes into boxers when I'm sending a text to my daughter's therapist, I can decode most of that sentence into something that makes sense, EXCEPT for the word PESATION.
Is it short for Compensation?
Is he a Superstar Sensation? With an ego so big that he dares email me?
Does it have to do with PEZ, as he's 13 and should be into PEZ right now?
Truthfully, I appreciate that he's given me this new word to play with. I LOVE new words.

But if you're going to try to argue with an adult by hiding behind an email, cause you know that if you try to argue to my face I will SMACK YOU DOWN like the little punk you are, then at least show me that you're smart enough to not be a pesation.

It's not his fault really. It's the fault of parents who give a kid a cell phone without teaching them social rules. It's the fault of a parent who will tell another parent that they don't understand how not letting the kids keep seeing each other is going to help the situation. It's the fault of a parent who says things like "If we don't let them see each other they are only going to do something worse."

Sounds like you're a hostage to your teenager, and not a parent.

Which would be why your son thinks he can argue with me. To take me hostage as well.

Perhaps pesation means CHILD. I think he's a child and that's why he has to follow my rules concerning my daughter or not be allowed to speak with her.

Imagine that!

I can hear all those NEW AGE people coming after me with their robes flying and their crystals and their electronic music playing the Age of Aquarius.

I'm just going to yell out "Pesation" and shut the door now.


mistress pink said...

Okay hold on I’m trying to wrap my brain around this, by "I can hear all those NEW AGE people coming after me with their robes flying and their crystals and their electronic music playing the Age of Aquarius." Do you mean pagans because believe me, I am pagan and I can spell and I sure as hell never debated with my mother growing up, or any adult. I was taught respect growing up. I totally get the point you are trying to make towards him with your daughter and I don’t get those types of parents. I am sure you may have meant the comment towards young disrespectful preteens, or you may have meant it towards the types of pagans or wiccans that you have met before. I cannot now for certain what you may have meant by that comment but I am going to take a leap of faith and hope it was the first. Although I can assure you that
1. We (pagans) are not new age, our religion has been around longer then Christianity.
2. Not all of us (pagans) listen to techno.
3. Most pagans will probably agree with your opinion
4. We (pagans) are ageists hatred and harm it’s actually the first rule of the religion "harm no others people, animal plant." you get the idea
So I will turn the other check because I am sure you did not mean the comment towards everyone of the pagan religion and for all I now you do not know anything about pagans so you are stereotyping.

abrah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mistress pink said...

Abrah - thanks for pointing out my 3 spelling mistakes that was so nice.
As for "so chilling a little”, I actually came back to apologize to the blogger for snapping, I had a bad day and had some things said to me about being pagan a conman thing in hickvilla where I live, I know that it is not an excuse for being cruel and petty in leaving my frustration and anger on you blog. I am sure that everyone has had at least one day at some time where your buttons get pushed way too much and then you snap at the stupidest thing or maybe that’s just me. It had nothing to do with your post, as I said it was something that snapped. I felt bad later after I had calmed down, that’s why when I got back to a computer I wanted to come back and say I am sorry. also thank you for leaving my first post up , you did not have to because what I said was uncalled for and the fact that you did ....... well I can’t think of the words to describe it just thanks. I am sorry. I have been reading your blog for some months now and happen to like it, so I hope that you will forgive me in the future for my post. I will go back to being a silent reader. Again I am sorry and thank you.

Kristi Z said...

Wow, you two! So I saw the first comment from my Pink friend in my email inbox and scanned it briefly, but wasn't grounded enough myself this morning to read it. Now I have. I was actually being sarcastic about the new kind of parenting that is pushed on us by the media, and the "experts" and this new era of giving children things they shouldn't have, including an equal voice in making their own decisions.
Never would I mean to offend any religion, especially as I dabble in things from quite a few. But I cannot point to an actual group that promoted this idiocy. Perhaps it started with all the social skills training in schools, instead of academics. Or maybe it started with the anti-child abuse campaign that swung so far to the left that parents have no power left.
Usually when someone reacts so badly it is more about them and where they're at than it is about me (or you), which is why I set aside actually reading any comments until now (after the kids are in bed and it's quiet).
And Abrah, dear Abrah, thanks for defending me and all as a good friend would, but I have accepted the apology and I'm erasing you. And then I'm fixing the spelling error I made on a previous blog that neither of us caught. Ooops.

Kristi Z said...

Oh, I love all comments!!!
Except the emails I've been getting from the little boy who keeps arguing with me although I am choosing the path of silence. I've made my decision clearly. I think that our young men are being trained to talk and talk and talk even when we tell them to STOP until they wear us down and get what they want. Except that won't work with me.