Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apparently I'm in Adrenal Failure

Stupid Stupid me. I took a women's adrenal health quiz that was delivered to my mailbox from a newletter I get (that sometimes has useful information on things like masturbation), because it hinted that my lack of energy might be due to the adrenal gland. I thought I was doing well--I eat well, I exercise almost every day, I recently cut way back on my use of alcohol.
And here were my results:

Your profile results:
Your symptoms rank in the moderate to severe category.
The demands you place on your body are severe.
By comparison, the support you give yourself is substantial.

SEVERE demands mean that your body is experiencing an even greater burden than most women’s. This burden can easily overwhelm your adrenal glands’ ability to balance the hormones they produce, like cortisol and DHEA. Some of these demands are not within your control, but it’s important to minimize those that are. In addition, you need to give yourself extra support to counter your demands. Remember, the greater the demands, the greater the need for support!

So this dumb little quiz says that I'm experiencing alot of environmental stress and that I need to cut back on it and take care of myself. Absolute Brilliance!!!

It should have had just one question: Are you alone in the house with three teenage girls?

And the result for answering YES would have been RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

AND I wouldn't be so stressed if I drank more. But wait, I wasn't feeling any stress at all until I took this quiz and realized how SCREWED I am!

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