Friday, September 25, 2009

Survivor's Russell Will Get His in the End.

I've lived with Russell before, only his name was Joe and he wasn't so short. The similarities keep me watching the show with a grimace, but also cause me to hope that someone will be wise enough to take the man DOWN. It could be my exhusband or Russell:
  • Condescending to all women
  • Thinking he's more intelligent than anyone else
  • Using the idol/tax money to indenture people to him
  • Doing things so unbelievable in plain site
  • Manipulating one person at a time
  • Causing fighting within the tribe so that no one will notice him
  • Thinking he has total control over the game
  • Thinking he has so much control that he is actually playing against the producers
  • No sense of guilt
  • Forcing people to play along because they feel threatened if they don't
  • Accusing women of threatening him
  • Using real people's pain to gain sympathy for himself

And I have this to say about the path Russell has taken: Karma will bite you in the ass. The more you think you're in control--the more mistakes you will make.

And that's why I am not driving over to get a tax form I need to sign out of Joe's mailbox. The best way to fight back is not to play at all.

And to Russell's wife: I offer FREE therapy sessions.

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