Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I do LOVE the internet. Really I DO.

I whine alot about the internet and its use by aliens as a tool to make us too dumb to wonder why they've decided to take over our planet. Or maybe I kept the crazies to myself.

I love the internet too because amusing things happen like getting this as a captcha:

when I tried to leave a comment on my blog this morning. I decided not too, as I've deliria.

Where else can I start the morning by saying "I'm invisible, but I'm here." and have that make sense? My period of invisibility didn't last long anyway because it was too exhausting, but for a moment it was fun.

And hoaxes are great online because they look so real!!! Write a little story about exploding cell phones, add some disgusting pictures, email it to your best paranoid friends, and watch it fly until some guy in Wyoming tells his girlfriend that you're not supposed to talk on a cell phone while it's charging and she says "What are you talking about?"

After a minute of research on random websites provided to me by the all-knowing alien owned google search engine I concluded that talking on your cell phone while it's charging is as dangerous as typing on this laptop while it's plugged into the wall. And seeing as batteries are $136 I am going to be plugged into the wall for quite a while.

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