Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm just full of questions this morning. Like James always said when he didn't want to fess up to some new idiocy: I have lots of questions and no answers. My questions are more relevant than his were, because his were more about How fast can I run out the door so she doesn't catch me at it? My questions are more like:

If my muffler is making my radio rattle is that a bad thing?
Why is there so much makeup in the way of getting to my coffee maker every morning?
Will Sandra Bullock call me personally to thank me for the package I just sent her?
Why did I get the kids pets that I end up cleaning and feeding?
How did Haley manage to have her bedroom door fall completely off its hinges?
If I stop drinking wine will I lose weight or gain it? Or will Abrah gain it for me?
Why are the mosquitoes still multiplying and finding me on the couch at night even with the windows closed?
Why do I keep objects that have some personal significance, even if I never ever use them?
Where did Gina say that big spider was last night when she came screaming into my room?
How do really good people come from really messed up families?
Who lives in Hampton, Virginia?

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