Saturday, September 19, 2009

When someone tells me they aren't ever getting on Facebook and they tilt their head back slightly, pull their eyebrows down in consternation, and give me that I'm never going to join the cesspool of the internet look, I LAUGH. It's only a matter of time! If you're not on Facebook you're just not REAL anymore.
Facebook language and applications are part of real life social interactions now. We think in terms of status reports. We do quizzes to make major life decisions. We make avatars to interact with each other. If there is someone we're not sure about, we can conclude that at least they are our friend on Facebook and that MEANS something.
Alot of this is still murky though. If there's an exboyfriend and we friend him on Facebook are we cheating? If we just email through Facebook that doesn't really count, does it? If my puppet friends another puppet and she wants to ask him to be in a relationship, but he's not a very nice puppet, should she do it anyway because it doesn't MEAN anything, or should she keep her puppet integrity and not let all her teenage friends think she would Facebook relationship someone who posts nasty things?
As a parent, Facebook is where I get most of my information. I know who is where and when and what they're talking about with who. AHA, all you teenagers don't think about that when you post that you have snuck out of the house to meet the boyfriend you're not supposed to have.
Sometime in the future it's going to be mandatory to have a Facebook account. Everyone wants to know what you're up to. Your employer, your government, the aliens who are using us as an experiment. They've finally found a way to change our brain chemisty and turn us into Farmtown idiots who do what we're told and smile all the time. Join the herd, people!!!

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