Monday, September 21, 2009

The Most Important Journal Pages, my brief stint as a poet

I was going through my closet. How much stuff can a person pack in a 6 by 6 space? I found an old journal from 2002 and read through it before I threw it away. I'm putting all of the past behind and cleaning out my energy leaks. I found two pages that were important enough to rip out though and I will post their contents here for all to see:

For Tarri

I thought and thought all day
Of something positive to say
This Joe crap is such a chore
But they do sell wine in the grocery store.

There once was a woman who loved to drink Crown
She got really drunk and kept falling down.
She hit her head so hard that it cracked
And went to class in the morning a little wacked.
Her classmates were shocked, she was dressed in pajamas.
They thought she might be a wee bit bananas.
She didn't want to do something a little less risky.
She just couldn't stop sippin the whisky.

Tarri Tarri
Big Blueberry
Where does her balance go?
She slips and she slides
Are you up for a wild ride
And a crazy ass show?
Perhaps it's the whisky
A little bit frisky
No wonder she has such a glow.
Just give her a mirror
It's never been scarier
It's a good thing she's not made of dough!

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hampers said...

Your journal pages looks wonderful. You seems to have great poetic skills. It was nice going through your blog. keep it up the good work.