Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Ironic Day in the Ghetto

Today I find it very ironic:

  • That I do all my work for the day in about 15 minutes and spend the rest of the day thinking about doing something productive.
  • That carsalesmen are the most gullible people on the planet.
  • That wearing red and pink pajama pants with snowmen on them isn't embarrassing, but having your mom and her friend each pull on the string that holds them up, and head in two different directions in a store IS.
  • That I was happier when the DENTIST didn't have my phone number.
  • That textbooks cost a small fortune but I can only sell them for a couple of dollars each.
  • That having my best friend friend my boyfriend makes me suspicious about what they're talking about.
  • That cleaning makes a bigger mess.
  • That I am the one responsible for remembering all these appointments. Who the hell came up with that one?
  • That I was wrong about everything important. And soon I'll have nothing to write about. (Yeah, right. Like I think my life with ever be so PERFECT that there will be nothing to bitch about. Life would be ALL WRONG if there wasn't something stupid happening. And as there will always be Dentists around I'm sure I won't quit writing any time soon.)
  • That anytime the management company says someone is coming to work on something they don't show up until 2 weeks later. This may not be ironic. This may just be their evil strategy to make me clean up. It's not working this time! I'll show them!
  • That ads for snus show up right after huge ads warning about snus being just as dangerous as cigarettes, in Rolling Stone magazine. Even Haley was confused about this.
  • That Haley would show me anything.
  • That I must be doing something right if Haley shows me things.

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