Monday, November 30, 2009

Back Asswards

I decided to hit my head hard enough to put myself into a coma
So that the next 183 days will go by faster.
Only I hit my ass instead.
On the corner of the coffee table.
(And no, the coffee table is not super-tall and I am not a midget.)
But it must have caused some amnesia
Because I don't remember what I was doing under there.
It was after I had rearranged all the furniture.
And after I found Haley's retainer container in the hall closet.
Leave it to me to do it entirely wrong.
All I got was a bruise on my ass and a mild case of amnesia.
And now this post looks like a poem about my ass
Which is so amusing to me that I'm going to leave it this way.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kristi,
It is Tyler I know you probably thinking "oh god here he goes again..." but I want you to know I think have matured a lot, I even got a job, and i was wondering if I could see you and talk to you in person, because I really want you to know how sorry I am about everything. . I apologize for wasting your time again just please think about giving me another chance. I can't say I am sorry enough for what I did and all I can ask for is another chance so please think about it and please don't say no because of what I've done in the past or what I said to you, I would really love to have a clean slate. I have talked to people (adults) about that situation and I now understand how dangerous it was for Haley and I. I respect you 10000000x more than I all ready did in the first place. All I ask for is another chance. I took a long time to think about this and I have decide to at least ask.