Monday, June 29, 2009

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Have you ever shared a bed with someone, turned over at the exact same time, pulled your knees up to curl up and fall asleep in the fetal position which sticks your butt out behind you (where else would it be?) and bumped into the butt of the other person who was doing the same thing?
This creates an awkward situation sometimes referred to as Butt-Bumping, especially when one of the people in the bed yells out "You Butt-Bumped me!" which then becomes more and more awkward as the other person tries to change the subject by talking about cans of chocolate and then ghosts that reach for you in the night when it's so dark because you're at Grandpa's house and there may or may not be electricity. All in an effort to forget that there was any Butt-Bumping involved because the other person is really embarrassed to even think about your butt even though they came from that butt at one point much earlier in time.
And I'm not talking about Mr. Hanky here, although he looks suspiciously like the first cousin of the Hershey Park mascot. I'm talking about having children and how you can never ever get away from them.
And how they drive you crazy by using a metal spatula on your favorite non-stick pan. Is Summer Vacation considered a holiday like Christmas? Cause I sure could use another big bottle of Baileys.
Although dropping them off at the pool in the pouring rain did make me giggle a little insanely in my car on the drive home.

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