Friday, June 12, 2009

Do I Really Look Under 21?

I must be doing something right!
I got carded while buying a bottle of wine yesterday.
How old do I have to be before I can leave my ID in the car and not worry about looking stupid for saying "I don't have it on me" and feeling like I'm trying to get away with something illegal? I suppose it makes the wine taste better.
Whatever it is I'm doing to avoid aging must be really working. These are things that might be preserving me:
  • The dirt (I know it's not, but I'm in denial) on mushrooms that I sometimes don't bother washing off before eating them.
  • Mushrooms in general.
  • Using Oil of Olay with sunblock every day since I was 21 and in the high UV rays in Wyoming.
  • Reading only from the Young Adult section in the book store.
  • Sleeping on my face.
  • Not worrying about a little leftover soap on my dishes.
  • Only eating sugar when no one is looking.
  • Eating real BUTTER and real SUGAR and sometimes PIE for breakfast.
  • BLEEP.
  • Never dieting.
  • Keeping only really really GOOD people around.
  • Avoiding soap

I would like to lie and say that I don't really care and it's a complete accident that I came out this way, but I'm going to go run on the treadmill and bounce on my yoga ball now.

And I used a 10 dollar bill. The last time I was carded I asked and the cashier said that a 10 is a sign of being young, and that adults only carry 20s.

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