Thursday, July 9, 2009

Candy and Mosquito Poisoning

I found the carrots yesterday in Dad's garden and felt compelled to free them from the clutches of the rain-loving weeds. But the rest of the garden scares me because I don't know what's a weed and what's not, and so I ended up pulling out whatever was bigger. Weeds are bigger, right?

Ha, that was for Dad in case he accidentally finds a computer in the middle of Yellowstone and trips over his own shoelace and accidentally lands on my blog. I weeded the carrots because I KNOW what a carrot plant looks like but as far as the RUTABAGA I have no idea. It sounds like a root vegetable that I wouldn't eat. And that he would drown in Miracle Whip. I found some bean plants too. But the weeds didn't like them so I guess they just smell bad or something. And I found one bean plant in the carrot row so I left it and I'm sure when he gets back he'll laugh at me and ask me why I felt compelled to leave one Hasslethornweedthingy in the carrots.

It's like when I used to help him string lines of tubing in the woods for sugaring season and I'd be happily humming and going around the pretty trees in my way and he'd say "Why are you wrapping that around a BEECH tree?" and I'd be all "It doesn't have leaves so how do you know what it is?" and he'd look at me like I was from Pluto. He doesn't ask me to help with that part of sugaring anymore.

Anyway, while I was weeding the carrots and letting them breathe again I got bitten by like 20 mosquitoes and when I get bitten I swell up like from bee stings and today I feel VERY TIRED and a little ill and I don't know if it's from mosquito poison or the box of Good & Plenties I shamelessly scarfed down in my room yesterday afternoon while the kids were busy elsewhere.

Gina found one under the passenger seat in the car and looked disgusted and I know she was thinking that Haley snuck some more candy, and I didn't want to look bad so I said nothing. Although I should have said "I'm an ADULT and I can do anything I WANT" like I do a million other times every day when she asks things like "Why are you wearing your shoes in the house?"

I love being an adult.

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