Thursday, July 23, 2009


Before I discuss viruses you can pick up at the pool--ICK--I want to say that today I tried to be a normal mother for about 30 seconds and it was difficult and I sounded really fake and no one could mistake my sweetness for sympathy when my youngest smacked her head on the hard arm of the couch. I think she didn't even hear me, but I COULD HEAR ME and I sounded like an intoxicatingly sweet commercial for bandaids or hamburger helper.
I think I should stick with what I know, which is this odd and somewhat disturbing sense of humor that leaves people wondering what I just said and laughing nervously with me, while in their heads they are filling out the paper work to have me involuntarily committed.
My daughter tells me not to change, not to be like the NORMAL moms and then in the next breath tells me she's already found the SPECIAL place to send me when I get old. I sure hope it's Abrah's house!
What is normal anyway? Stuffy adult strict do this-do that. I would rather they have many memories of me so that when they have children they can tell them how crazy I was and smile sadly at each other. Then they can visit me at the SPECIAL PLACE and I'll just lie and say none of it is true.

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