Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Don't Want To Know Who Drank More

My friend and I used to drink alot. Most of it I don't remember, except for late nights spent drinking water and trying to scrape my contacts out of my eyes. We'd get up the next day and say, hey that was stupid. But we never promised ourselves or each other never to do it again. A couple of days later and we'd forget the hangover. Someone suggested to me that we never drank that much and so never got to that point of vowing not to drink again.
And in my head I was thinking I should be dead, I drank so much but I didn't say that out loud cause then I'd look like I had a problem. Listen, this was 18 years ago!!!! Give or take a couple.
I am a shining example to the world that

  • You can drink too much and live
  • You can have your heartbroken by your first love and live
  • You can eat too much of something bad for you and live (and be really healthy)
  • You can ignore teenage girl attitude and live
  • You can walk through the Old North End alone at night and live
  • You can do a bunch of random stupid things and live (and not have a police record)
  • You can eat unwashed mushrooms and live

I think perhaps because I never tried to find enough will power to try to quit that I just moved on without a struggle. I never felt guilt or wished that I hadn't done anything. I just did whatever made me happy and now I've moved on to other better things that make me happy like

  • good friendships
  • good relationships
  • vegetables
  • long walks
  • music
  • books
  • breathing
  • yoga
  • vampires

Or maybe the Stupid Ones live longer.

Unlike the mouse I ran over yesterday. It was a mouse exodus from a lower strip of grass along Route 122, which must have flooded from all the rain this nasty summer. So instead of jumping in the river on the other side they were choosing to cross the road to higher ground. Just as I was zooming along. I am so sorry.

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