Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm moving more Than Just Everything

I was trying to sign up for Technorati, but they told me I didn't exist and when they finally found me they said that robots were taking over my blog and that they were bad robots and wouldn't let theirs in. Apparently all web pages have robots and blogger only allows the Google ones and tells all the other ones to Bugger Off.
Since I am all for Robot Freedom and strongly believe they can go anywhere they want, I am going to give Wordpress a try. I hate to leave my spot here, but what's a world with only one kind of robot.

This is my new address:

Please notice that there is an l in there. That's an L in lower case. This is a little different from the address here, but someone else had taken kristiz. Please don't read that blog and think it's me because it's probably a wacko blog about robots or porn or something. I'll leave this up indefinitely so you won't miss me too much, or at least until I decide the robots over there are more forgiving. And I figure out how to import my posts from here. I have no idea how to do that!

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