Monday, December 14, 2009

The Twelve Uses of NickAngel

In the spirit of Christmas and giving and blah blah blah I have agreed not to spread the joy of the NickAngel around (or maybe because he begged me not to), but since he has already appeared once on my blog I think I can continue to post him occasionally without getting into too much trouble.
Besides, he gave me the idea of posting the TOP 20 USES of NickAngel. (Hint to him: don't ever GIVE me ideas freely.) I have decided to only post 12 however, because that seems about right.

The Twelves Uses of NickAngel

1. Posted on Facebook

2. A Deck of Cards

3. On a Coffee Mug:

4. On a t-shirt

5. On an Ipod
6. On a Laptop Skin

7. On a Card

8. On a Wanted Poster

9. With Edward

10. On a Stamp

11. In a Museum

12. On Christmas Ornaments

See, I do have the Christmas Spirit!!!

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