Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Cow's Nipple and How to Break Up without The Other Person Knowing It

I'm confused by Men. If things are not working out well and he wants to go think about what he really wants in life and I want the kind of relationship he can't give me at this time and we agree on this and we return each other's stuff, doesn't that mean that we're not together-together?

So here I was last night, playing with Abrah, who is WAY more interesting while chatting online than she is in 90 degree sweltering humidity lying on my couch after a night of drinking and voodoo doll making. Anyway, here I was somehow having dinner with him and Abrah, seated 6 inches from a cow's ass. Not him. An actual cow's ass. Not a real cow. A fake cow painted on the wall almost life size. And not a nice little cow in a field looking at me, but a cow facing away, with its ass hanging over my head and it's udder hanging low enough so that a nipple is at eye level when I'm sitting. I couldn't take my eyes off the cow's nipple long enough to notice that I was being watched by the person who just returned my things.
Yes, stuck between him and a cow's ass. I look too serious.

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