Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Untimely Death of Harry the Ballerina

Harry, the ballerina, was hanging out in the corner of the shower on his newly constructed web. He was a big spider, with long thin legs and a tiny pin head body. One leg pointed straight down while the other seven clutched the thin rope, as he twirled like a ballerina.

Gina discovered Harry the Ballerina as she got ready to take a shower and came running for me.

"Harry the ballerina is in the shower! Help!" she begged.

Now, I don't mind little baby spiders. I usually set them free outside or ignore them. But Harry was a full-sized spider and there was really no way to get him down without hurting him. As he lay crumpled in the tub, seconds before being washed down the drain, I felt sad while looking at his twisted legs. He pathetically tried to untangle them and run from the water that washed him away to ballerina heaven.

It was a shame to have to kill him, but I'm sure there are 50 more Harry's hiding in corners waiting to grow and become lovely ballerinas just like their mom.

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