Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I Discovered Today

  • My middle child is smart enough to cut her mouth while sucking on a popsicle stick and she is thirteen.
  • I can turn OFF my new cell phone if I don't want any calls, which I will be doing ALOT.
  • I need to take out an insurance policy on Abrah, because if she dies in a bizarre accident or otherwise then this blog will have to end because I will be muse-less.
  • Abrah is kayaking to some island in New Hampshire tomorrow in thunderstorms and Hurricane Bill, with her boyfriend Bill, which is too ironic and worries me because if she was to die it would probably be while doing something ironic.
  • Waiting for word from literary agents is harrowing and requires lots of entertainment and wine.
  • I am amazed that I made it through the past 8 years. I was sorting through 2 huge boxes of court papers, throwing alot away that I don't need anymore, and working toward my final hearing to end this whole mess--and I will have to create a post about some of the things he did to me. How did I not go crazy? Or did I and I just don't know it yet? Maybe that's what makes me soooooo special.
  • Sometimes I talk about my laptop as if it is me. I believe it is more me than this pudge that appears to have attached itself to my middle. I should have a laptop attached there instead, something I can pull out and fold open so that I don't have to lean over the kitchen table anymore.
  • I would fit into the dry hold on a kayak if given enough incentive.
  • Degradation is a really good word to use instead of poverty. I look up to the degradation line! Someday I look forward to living in degradation. If I could just reach degradation I would be perfectly content.
  • 4 teenagers = 1045 times the noise.

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