Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Was I a Cougar or is he Just Learning Wrong?

I went to a family BBQ last night and picked up a new boyfriend. He's a bit young. It was an accident.

The one problem with these parties is that no one drinks. I have opened a beer before ALONE but everyone looks at me funny and I feel like an alcoholic under surveillance, so instead I read a book, or hang out with all the kids (they are more MY SPEED), or sit on the couch. Last night I sat on the couch right next to this thumb-sucking little boy named Owen. He got up to play for a minute and someone took his spot and he yelled:

"I want to sit next to my girlfriend."

So I looked around and then he pointed at ME. Wow, men are pushy these days. They learn early. The kid was only 5. So I found myself saying "Listen kid, I'm old enough to be your grandmother." Eeeeeeeek. I am not going to blog about that.
Then I suggested someone more age-appropriate, like my 11 year old daughter, who heard me and tried to kill me with her razor sharp eyes.
But the boy said that she could be his girlfriend too. So there we go, with the threesome fantasy. Whose fault is it that we teach these little boys to feel so entitled that they can go around claiming women? It wasn't even cute at 5. What's he going to be like when he's 28?

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