Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Everyone who wanted to dial 911

as they saw me walking along the road tonight. I wasn't waving my arms around because I was schizophrenic and paranoid that alien motherships were trying to beam me up. I wasn't having numerous tics that included slapping my forehead, arms, and legs. I didn't swear like a tatooed trucker bitch from Michigan because I have Tourettes.
It was the herds of giant hovering mosquitoes that rose out of the swamp and were dancing around me with their frenzies black fly companions that caused the bizarre dance I was doing. I apologize if I scared your children or aging grandparents, or if your windows were rolled down and you heard my profane rants.
And when I got home after the swamp water evaporated into the sky and rained back down on me, and the black flies tried to find shelter in my damp and tangled hair my children looked at me and told me to take a shower. Sigh.

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